Our Beijing bedroom, in the Double Happiness Courtyard Hotel. Off a wee courtyard in a slender Beijing hutong. External appearances are definitely deceptive. This is a lovely quiet and attractive place.

SciFi Ikea manuals - loving the dinosaur one

Building the Empire State building - incredible images. Every time I see pictures like this my belly just kind flips a bit.

A thing of beauty from gourmettraveller.wordpress.com

A thing of beauty from gourmettraveller.wordpress.com

A beautiful video by surf photographer Mickey Smith, full of rugged coastline and wave borne beauty. See it in HD.

So simple, so interesting: backofawebpage.com

Jesca Hoop: City Bird Music Video from Filmatics on Vimeo.

Wonderful, if mournful, song from Jesca Hoop. She was Tom Waits nanny dontcha know.

PRECISION from Andrew James Sykes on Vimeo.

Precision - conceived, written, shot, scored and edited in only 48 hours. Astonishing. http://vimeo.com/21914737